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July 2010

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First post

Behold it is I and this is my first post, we need a new picture for this account, aiba is cool and everything, but he has nothing to do with us, we need our own symbol, something that is unique to us


I did find it amusing tbh

Yeah I did, I have no idea... it could have been anywhere.

...why do I have 3 Nino Icons, and not 1 of Aiba by himself....
uhh i dont know, but now you know you need to get more icons :] btw you have 3 icons on Storms account yet you always use your own lol
Yeah, I said that I will comment, this account from my personal one, so we wont get confused...although we would be using our own icons.....

Umm, its easier this why, so I can keep an eye on my F-List instead of having to keep on signing in and out of accounts =] unless you want me to join 60+ communities on here? haha XD
60+ communitys?! lol nah you stay to your original, lol its easier for you to message like this anyways :]
lol yeah, I'm apart of so many xD

Ahhh okay, thats true =]
LoL funny pic of sho right there xD
Yes, Gotta love MC Kamiyama and his bum nice hair & suits
¬_¬ whatever you say sweetheart, anyways why do some words get crossed out?
I do say =]

Because I cross them out with a little code thing < s > type something < / s > if you take the spaces out of the <> then that text will be crossed out