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July 2010

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First post

Behold it is I and this is my first post, we need a new picture for this account, aiba is cool and everything, but he has nothing to do with us, we need our own symbol, something that is unique to us


i shall now find us an appropriate picture
That is not Aiba fool ~

It's Ohno, Ohno = Maou

Maou = MaouCat <3

--- Gem x
lol my bad, i cant find a good piccy lol ohno is save for now
lol yeah your bad xD


lol at your many different jap men pics, you has a crush on them all xD
You forgot to change the user pic fool xD

I dont have a crush on Jun though.... I find him attractive occasionally =]

i so did change my user pic and you only find him attractive depending on what hair cut he has, lol
lol well why do it? for comical effect or do you feel my sight is so poor i will not be able to read another joke about me loving shos bum, which i dont LoL
I do it because I'm being nice, to you and keeping your Sho's bum love on the down low...

LoL geezus christ arent you delightful
Yes. =]

I think of your feelings first.
lol i so cant take that comment seriously, especially with that pic of sho cause hes "juust kidding"
Ahhh, I see. lol

I was going to say at the end of that comment:

"Sorry, bum not included this time"

lol sigh* anywhos i dont like shos bum
Okay you dont....