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July 2010

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July 28th, 2010

Becky's Icon - Kian

Living Together = ] x ♥

One day we were sat talking and the idea of living together came up! it was just a laugh @ first but then it turned in seriousness! i was shocked that were considering it but after talking more about it, it seemed like it really was guna happen :) x we talk about it often and it just seems like the perfect thing to do :] x ♥ Anyways

i cant wait to live my friends, it will be really goood, seeing them all the time will just bring the biggest smile to my face <3 ♥ I dont know what it will be like living together but i know onething it will be fun :) and living indpendantly will be great <3 ♥ yeahh there be arguments but we just have to think that our friendship is strong enough for anything <3 x

x guna be goood guys x
Becky&#39;s Icon - Kian

Beckys Rules :) x ♥

- If we all have to get up one morning , and if one person is first that person should be the kettle on

- Only come into the bedrooms if you knock, and we are not really do anything <3 x

- if we have girlfriends or boyfriends over stay in your room or go out <3

- If im watching a westlife dvd or a twilight dvd do not disturb <3 there will be mayjor fan girling going on :) lol x

- Wii Wednesdays <3

- Once a month go out for a meal or have a takeaway <3

- We shud @ least try to go on holiday together <3 ♥

- We shud all pitch in on the shopping and if we need our own things it shud be with our own mony <3 ♥

- have a rota on things like washing up, taking out the rubbish etc <3

- if one of us wants to watch something thats on tv and the other person wants to watch something then record it <3