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Jul. 28th, 2010

Becky's Icon - Kian

Beckys Rules :) x ♥

- If we all have to get up one morning , and if one person is first that person should be the kettle on

- Only come into the bedrooms if you knock, and we are not really do anything <3 x

- if we have girlfriends or boyfriends over stay in your room or go out <3

- If im watching a westlife dvd or a twilight dvd do not disturb <3 there will be mayjor fan girling going on :) lol x

- Wii Wednesdays <3

- Once a month go out for a meal or have a takeaway <3

- We shud @ least try to go on holiday together <3 ♥

- We shud all pitch in on the shopping and if we need our own things it shud be with our own mony <3 ♥

- have a rota on things like washing up, taking out the rubbish etc <3

- if one of us wants to watch something thats on tv and the other person wants to watch something then record it <3
Becky&#39;s Icon - Kian

Living Together = ] x ♥

One day we were sat talking and the idea of living together came up! it was just a laugh @ first but then it turned in seriousness! i was shocked that were considering it but after talking more about it, it seemed like it really was guna happen :) x we talk about it often and it just seems like the perfect thing to do :] x ♥ Anyways

i cant wait to live my friends, it will be really goood, seeing them all the time will just bring the biggest smile to my face <3 ♥ I dont know what it will be like living together but i know onething it will be fun :) and living indpendantly will be great <3 ♥ yeahh there be arguments but we just have to think that our friendship is strong enough for anything <3 x

x guna be goood guys x

Jul. 25th, 2010

Becky&#39;s Icon - Kian

12th May 2010 <3

First Im guna realate this bit to my picture :] x sooo much has happened this year but this is the most amazing thing :] x So here is EVERYTHING that happend when i went to see westlife <3

Okaii its Wednesday 12th May and i woke up @ 6:00 ( which is like totally early for me! but it was westlife and i wud do ne thing for them lol ) i got up had my breakfast watched Tv for a while then went upstairs for a shower and washed my hair :] x i was ready by 10:00! haha x i came on facebook and msn i was just soooo hyped and i couldnt wait until 12:30 to meet emma! ♥ ne way 12:30 came i met emma and we lierally had to RUN for the bus!!! we got on the bus and i asked her " do you have the tickets? " she said yes she got them out but she dropped them!!! so we were just on our hands on kness finding them!!! lmao but we got them again and i just breahted a huggee sigh of relief!!! lol :D we got the bus to the station and met Aimee ( emmas sister ( and Sarah ( Aimee & emmas mate ) ♥ the train came @ 1:30 got our seats and me & emma just listened to westlife the WHOLE time!!! :] xxx it was sooo amazing xx ♥ we got to london @ 3:20 and we didnt know how to go get to Canning Town! so we had to ask the tourist info guy he told us to get the tube :] x we got a day ticket for the tube and had to change only once which was gooood :] x we got to canning town and went to the hotel :] x we got some foood and then the girls got ready for the concert ♥ We had to get the tube back to Greenwhich for the 02 but it was ONLY one stop away so it twas gooood x we got there @ 6:10 there was already soo many people there i raced to the merchandise stand cuz i just had to get a t-shirt!!! :] x i made my way to the front with emma and got my t-shirt & bag :] x i got my banner out and also put my t-shirt on! ♥ so we got into the Qeue and waited :] x people wanted to read my banner!!!! i was just like Wo!!!! :] x :D then i saw a gal with a kian t-shirt i was RIGHT jealous!!!! :( so we go into the 02 and went to the arena and OMG the arena was just MINDBLOWING!!! :] it took my breathaway!!! we got to out seats and OH MY JESUS it was MASSIVEE!!! we waited for half an our and then all of sudden the lights went off....i started crying cuz i thought westlife were coming on! but silly me it wasnt it was one of their support groups called WOW! x they were actually pretty goood they even sang Nysnc Pop! :] x ne way the ligts went up again and then....theBIG screen flashess up with KIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG my heart started beating soooo fast!!! and i just let out this LOUD scream!!!! he was talkig about his new girl group Wonderland! :] x they were amazing ♥ soo then after them we waites like 5 mins and then YMCA came out and im not kidding YOU the WHOLE ARENA was doing the moves!!! :D it was soooo amazing but funny! :) x The lights went down and the whole place screamed!!! the music came on for Where we are and there was WESTLIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! my lungs let out this big massive scream!!!! i was in a trance and singing the song! then they sang What About Now!!! then they sang When your looking like that, My Love, Mandy, Uptown Girl in a totally new style!!! :D If I let you go, ALl Out Of Love, Shadows & Home x And during this KIAN WAVED @ ME!!!!!! omng it was just such an amazing moment!!!!!! i couldnt speak!!!! my heart just stopped for a second! then it was time for medley!!!! they started with I Gota Feeling OMFG this was just amazing the whole arean was jumping!!!! then they did a rock version of beyonces Halo misxed in with How to break a heart like glee do :] xxx then kian got out his guitar and they sang Boys are back in town!!! i just screamed @ this!!!! xxxx and THEN THE FINAL SONG....Sex On Fire!!!!!! OMFG this was just theeee best!!!! :D x the whole arean sang and then streamners came out it was just such an amazing moment!!! :] x then they sang my fav songs What Makes A Man & Flying Without Wings! then they sang World of our own and then they did the goodbyes! i cried i didnt want them to leave :( but then they came back and sang Ill See You Again. now this song is about Kian & Nickys dads who died last year and its such an emotional song! it was soooo gwjus then they ended with You Raise Me Up :]

Dec. 14th, 2009

Becky&#39;s Icon - Kian

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

i do believe in a soulmate but i totally agree with ryan tho : ]

Oct. 9th, 2009

Ryan&#39;s Icon - Griever/LionHeart

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

i believe the concept of a sole mate, but i dont believe that person has to be more than a friend, a sole mate is someone you care about and that person will never really get away because your hearts will always be connected through a special bond you share
Ryan&#39;s Icon - Griever/LionHeart

First post

Behold it is I and this is my first post, we need a new picture for this account, aiba is cool and everything, but he has nothing to do with us, we need our own symbol, something that is unique to us

Sep. 7th, 2009

MaouCat&#39;s Icon

Storm 4 - About Us

This is the journal of 4 friends. Who have known each other since school, they where previously known as the Bella Italia Crew, but have now been renamed to a more suiting name.


These friends who’s destiny’s were tied together and will be forever entwined, live their lives and accept any challenge that they may face, they are the ones who cause destruction and chaos wherever they go *cough* Sorry I seem to have gotten a little carried away…


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