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July 2010

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First post

Behold it is I and this is my first post, we need a new picture for this account, aiba is cool and everything, but he has nothing to do with us, we need our own symbol, something that is unique to us


You forgot to change the user pic fool xD

I dont have a crush on Jun though.... I find him attractive occasionally =]

i so did change my user pic and you only find him attractive depending on what hair cut he has, lol
ok maybe i did forget the pic lol, whoops
lol you idiot.

Exactly, you know me well =]
damn right lol i know you like the back of my hand..... yea thats a strange saying, ill post anyways xD
lol I see.

Its pretty easy to know me..... no wait its not... whatever

lol its just due to constant exposure xD, ill buy you a warning sign to wear lol
lol, constant exposure XD

Why, thank you I've always wanted on xD
lol maybe one of those signs that say warning sudden death, ill send you a picture lol
....Sudden death of who others or me? lol Because I'm constantly dying xD

Ahhh okay =]
lol to others who try anything with ya, and why are you constantly dieing? that 1 week out of the month doesnt mean your dieing, its a natural process which turns women into irratable hormone bags of rage :]
Ahhh I see, yes.

.... Your an idiot.

I die, when something good happens, kind of like when I have a fit haha XD

Or like earlier, when I was walking out of college with Amber I saw a Pidgeons Wing.
ah i may be an idiot but i bet you either tutted and smiled or just laughed out loud quietly. and you found a pidgeon wing eh, where was the rest of it?
I did find it amusing tbh

Yeah I did, I have no idea... it could have been anywhere.

...why do I have 3 Nino Icons, and not 1 of Aiba by himself....
uhh i dont know, but now you know you need to get more icons :] btw you have 3 icons on Storms account yet you always use your own lol